Video – Self Defence By Bev

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View Self Defence By Bev`s video on You Tube and enjoy! (click link below)

Self Defence By Bev – Video on You Tube


Self Defence By Bev

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Welcome to Self Defence By Bev website…

We’re Ready are You?

One-half of all Canadian women have experienced at least one incident of violence since the age of 16.

violence against women transcends class, culture, race, and ethnicity. Women are 13 times more likely to be abused in their own homes than by strangers on the street. Stats Canada

Bev Leonard, is a certified fitness and personal trainer of 26 years with a 6th degree Blackbelt.

Martial Arts is a mind and body exercise, it is also a form of stress management and a way to protect yourself.

What is Self Defence

The difference between self-defence and martial arts is that self defence is a mental attitude! I believe it starts the minute you walk out the door. It is awareness, alertness and avoidance. It is not being paranoid or always looking over your shoulder. It’s attitude. An attacker is looking for a vulnerable person. It is also listening to your intuition. We use our intuition in business… You know that feeling you get with clients? It might be a good feeling like yes, I enjoy this person’s company or no this is not going to work.

Self defence is being aware of where you are, and using prevention always and getting accurate information using your intuitive sense and having good body language. The physical side of self defence is when there is no other choice but to fight back. “You carry a very important weapon. Your Brain!!” Bev Leonard

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